What would doctors do to prevent The Flu??

Ay! Ay!
It's the time of the year that people are getting the flu...

Yet, I've been doing GREAT!!
THANKS to those tips that I've found online! 
It's all in Japanese, so I just share summary of what doctors are doing to prevent the flu! 

1. Humidify! Humidify!! HUMIDIFY!! 

2. Drink black tea with ginger!  
As OFTEN as you can. (some doctor sipping green tea every 10min)

3. Breathe from your NOSE!

4. Brush your TEETH! (4 times/day)

5. WASH your FACE!

6. Do NOT eat too much! 
(Too much food in your body weaken your immune system!!)

7. Vitamin D! Walk OUTside, get some SUNshine, EVERY day! 

I know it's NOT common in America, yet, 
it's VERY effective when it comes to the flu prevention! 
Found cute/cool ones
You would LOVE it! 

Anyways, these SHOULD keep you & your family flu FREE!!

Thank you for visiting my blog!
ALWAYS wishing you Health & HAPPINESS!

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